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We are pleased to provide an outstanding education at Queen Elizabeth II Public School for our students. Innovative programs that meet the needs of all our students are taught by our dedicated and professional staff who care about your child. Our school provides extra-curricular opportunities that encourage the development of excellence, integrity and respect.

Our Board is focused on literacy and numeracy achievement and creating an environment where we are working together on our goal of success for every student. We also value the community partnerships and parent involvement which are so crucial to a successful education for our students.


The Warrener Family Donate Computers to QE


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Important Dates
  • April 18: Good Friday
  • April 21: Easter Monday
  • April 22: Earth Day/Pitch In Canada
  • April 23:Big Kid Entertainment: 'Rapunzel
  • April 28- May 9: Primary Read-A-Thon
  • May 1: Track and Field @ CKSS
  • May 2: Rain Date Track and Field
  • May 19: Victoria Day

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Upcoming Bingo Dates
bingo logo     April 14, and May 3

If you are able to help run a bingo, please give us a call. The bingos
are monthly and raise a lot of money
for our school for things such as field
trips and technology. Call us at 519-354-2560.


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